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Committed to developing sports worldwide

We help national and international sport organizations develop their sport and increase the number of active athletes.

Using novel tools and services, we're putting together the first Sports Development System (SDS) of its kind - designed to help all major actors collaborate, educate, promote, motivate, protect and fulfill their mission better.

Luiggino Torrigiani speaking

My vision is to get every child and every young person in the world excited about getting into sports. The individual and societal benefits are too great not to put everything on the line for this.

Federations and sports organizations play the central role in this and have opportunities that are far from exhausted.

Working directly together and using the technical resources and capabilities of Athlyts, we can make a noticeable difference for any sport and country - in months rather than years.

How far can you go?

Luiggino Torrigiani spent three decades developing sports at the highest international levels and advising International Federations, Sports Organizations and National Olympic Committees (NOCs). He runs master's degree classes at the University of Lausanne and lectures at MEMOS for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and NOCs around the world.

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