Athlyts for Schools

It's already tough enough - let's help everyone involved!

If it's young athletes who struggle to manage everything and everyone at the same time, or their teachers and coaches who try to support every day - we at Athlyts are committed to make it easier.

If you want to get Athlyts unlimited. subscriptions as a school, you can benefit from our schools-only offer including a 50% discount starting from 20 yearly subscriptions/CHF 960.- and up.

Using Athlyts today

Athlyts today is already used by dozens of schools and sport schools to help the youngsters manage themselves better, their motivation and their health. Everyone can access and use the platform at no charge, so feel free to just try it out at your school too. Onboarding is simple and in a matter of minutes you're ready to start!

AthlytsSchool - a project on its way

Given the amount of schools who have started to use Athlyts already, we have started to conceptualize an app specifically for schools. At the current stage, we are still in prototyping mode. If you are interested to share your points of view and needs in this process as well, we are happy to jump on a call with you!

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